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You won't believe what this guy did. Alaska's "Mad Trapper"


Simple fisherman makes stunning visual web tool for anonymous collaboration.



Free Speech Recognition. Internet not required

logoFinally, an alternative to Dragon NaturallySpeaking. more...

Power up 60 percent

Installed early prototype solar panels on the sailboat. Made from broken solar cells using a flawed process, they are thoroughly encased in resin more...

Free domains, servers, phones, rent, and food. Live free or die trying.

Legally Decrypt and Copy ProtectedPDF Documents

How to feed a blog to a web site.

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MySQL Server Configuration

Buy my gold, so I can buy your foreclosed home!

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Hacking The Omnitech 16878-US

I purchased an Omnitech 16878-US GPS off of craigslist for $20. It came with outdated route maps, so I hacked it, installed updated maps for my area, including marine navigation charts. Then I unlocked its mobile PC capabilities with WinCE, free eBook software, mp3 player, videos, games, etc. more...

Why "Free Software" is better than "Open Source"

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We would like to thank Anchorage lawyer, Stephen Merril for providing excellent legal services at reasonable cost to clients.

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Blender 3D Videos

This video series catalogs some of our groundbreaking work with Blender 2.49. There is more good stuff coming your way. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when we upload more Blender videos!

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These videos concern cross-platform development for Windows®, Linux® and Mac® using C and Python. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can be notified when we upload more programming videos. Enjoy!

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Web Design Made Easy

TML uses modern compiler technology combined with artificial intelligence to create computer-designed web sites. It turns plain old typewritten text into clean, professional, W3C standard web pages. We used it to design the site you are visiting now... read more

Truck Game Template

A while back we created a Blender 2.45 template for an off-road truck racing game. It is up to you to finish it! Download the blend file here.


Books on living, science, and life extension by Henry Kroll II.