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Windows 10 Technical Preview

We recently tried Windows 10 Technical Preview. Here are the results.


Progress Assisting Seattle PD with Massive Video Project

I attended the Seattle Police hack-a-thon, and presented my software and ideas to the department on December 19. We talked with the press. I received an email the other day inviting me back, so I think things went pretty well. I plan to give them a call when I get back from fishing. I wa more...

Could water be making you fat?

There's something in the water... more...

Top 10 Over-Hyped Ebay Goods

My Grandpa, Alaska's "Mad Trapper"

Simple fisherman makes stunning visual web tool for anonymous collaboration.

Free Speech Recognition. Internet not required

Power up 60 percent

Free domains, servers, phones, rent, and food. Live free or die trying.

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Why "Free Software" is better than "Open Source"

We would like to thank Anchorage lawyer, Stephen Merril for providing excellent legal services at reasonable cost to clients.


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Web Design Made Easy

The free TML turns simple wiki markup into full W3C standard web pages. We used it to design the site you are visiting now! read more

Truck Game Template

A while back we created a Blender 2.45 template for an off-road truck racing game. It is up to you to finish it! Download the blend file here.


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