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3-D stock charts live, in the browser (requires vrml plugin)
3-D graphing calculator in the browser (requires vrml plugin)
1,000,000 digit calculator in the browser
Stock chart comparison in the browser
On-line maze generator

3-D graphics plug-ins for Moray 3.5

Geodesic Dome Design
Triangle Mesh Import
C Programs and Libraries

dictionary.c: dynamic "variable variables" for C with "string" as variable name
: a decal-like macro plug-in for games like Asheron's Call™ on Linux™!
gcf: Find the greatest common factor among a bunch of numbers.

[   ] gcf.exe 14-Oct-2009 15:49 24K

Installable Windows programs:

SafeTasks antivirus / spyware removal
FoznerEdit notepad replacement
Computer-generated music:

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